TreNdy FolloWers

5 Feb 2012

How I learned the art of fashion blogging

Reading this morning in The Guardian...
What does it take to be a top blogging fashion photographer? We get a lesson from Wayne Tippetts.

We've been stalking central London for an hour, cameras slung low but ready for the quick draw, when we spot something: a flash of vivid green, across a busy Mayfair thoroughfare. Wayne Tippetts, a photographer who since 2008 has been taking pictures of any fashionable strangers he meets for his blog, Street Style Aesthetic (, cranes for a better look. "We might have something," he says, with the don't-jinx-it caution of a hunter who has learned not to trust any old rustle of leaves. "But no need to rush it."


To end the day, we move east to scour Hoxton. Nobody's wearing the hoped-for bowler hat and there are no full-body animal costumes, so we call it a day after taking some shots of Roxeanne, 24, wearing cool earmuffs. "Sometimes you've got to accept," shrugs Tippetts. "You can't get 'em all."

20 Jan 2012

Looking hot when the weather is NOT

The wait is over!
The new year is here and we only wanna enjoy it: no diets, no crazy workout, no swear