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15 Oct 2011

Catwalk to closet

Don't you love it? My favourite issue in all the women magazines is allways this. All women like to save money wih our clothes and, at the same time, follow the last trends in the fashion world.

Hight couture designers, don't f**k us. We love your dresses but not your prices! We're a well educated ladies and we wanna have a real life with cheap clothes and expensive gastronomy.

18 Sep 2011

Another spanish great designer: Emilio de la Morena

Today is the day: Emilio de la Morena in London Fashion Week.
Love Emilio de la Morena and the collection this season is awesome, cool, fresh, fun, LOVE IT!

Do you know his designer profile? "Woman" by Emilio de la Morena --> “She is strong and modern. She knows her own mind and is not afraid to stand out; nor is she scared of expressing herself in a vibrant and bold way.”

5 Sep 2011

Chie Mihara. Shoes for modern, sexy and worker women

Shoes are for women like men, we love them, although they hurt us.
But sometimes appear a designer that understand us, and whose only goal is our beauty, our happiness.

Chie Mihara is one of these creators and designer that always gets that they want. She is a hardworker person that really thinks in the modern life of the woman. Therefore I love these shoes, because are 100% sexy and 100% comfortables.
And also has a very interesting bridal collection!

If you love the shoes as much as me, you should have a look at these international three blogs:
Love Shoes Blog. Brasilian
Irresistible Icing. USA

3 Sep 2011

London style in 1.41 minutes

Londoners fashion magazines

A different way to introduce myself this country.

16th August 2011. Stansted Airport. Two suitcases and only one clear idea: when I return to home- time no clue- I will have lots of new clothes.

While I was waiting for my luggage I bought some fashion magazines: Vogue, Glamour and Cosmopolitan. I also some local issues like Good Housekeeper or Star. Is very interesting to follow the UK editions.

2 Sep 2011

Welcome Ladies & Gentlemen

I'm Lady Londonery.

I'm a World's citizen falling in love with FASHION, TRENDS and LONDON LIFESTYLE.

Are you ready to pass a funny and full of fashion moments together?